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Specific items sourced to customers requirements.


New Items For sale


Flintlock cannon ignitor

A 19th century flintlock cannon firing pistol, with screw on barrel, an unusual display piece, or for use in demonstrating the different methods of firing cannon in museums or displays.

Price £225.00

Delivery £8.50


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 cannon lockCannon Lock

Introduced around 1755 to replace more crude and unreliable methods of firing cannon, such as lintstock. Several designs were produced, one of the most succesful and popular being the design by Henry Nock in the 1790's. This replica offered is a copy of the Knock design, originally made by Sherwood for cannon ranging from 12pdr to 32pdr, originals of these Sherwood locks have been recovered from the wreck of HMS Colossus and can be seen in the Isles of Scilly Museum on St Marys, Isles of Scilly

Price £275.00

Delivery £8.50

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Flintlock Sea Service pistol

Quality replica of the 12''version of the sea service pistol, this pistol is fitted with a hardened frizzen that will produce sparks, but will not fire as there is no touch hole, a quality inert piece for a museum display, re-enactment or film prop.seaservicepistol

Price £215.00

Delivery £8.50

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German mod 24 grenade

Quality replica of the German mod 24 stick grenade, one of the most recognisable small arms of the 20th century. this replica is constructed with a pressed steel head, complete with correct stampings and stencills and a wooden handle with screw cap on base and containing toggle. This is new replica for museum display or historical re-enactment purposes and is not capable of being converted to a live weapon.

Price 28.30

Delivery £6.50

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French 75 field gun, restored and in firing condition, but needing elevating and traversing mechanism to finish, comes with wooden artillery wheels and later pneumatic wheel conversion kit.

Price £13000.00

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Vickers MK1 electrical firing pistolElswick sub calibre aiming rifle to fit 6'' B/L coastal artillery gunElswick sub calibre aiming rifle to fit 6'' B/L coastal artillery gun, chambered for 1'' Nordenfelt and electrically fired,  available if required, large portion of original finish remaining along with all original marking, a beautifully made piece of engineering and a mini B/L in its own right.

Price £5500 plus firing pistol.

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British MkI 12pdr Q/F B/L, mounted on skeletal "D" mount, in firing condition complete with breech block, striker and blank firing case.

Price POA

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Arrows 1.75 ton military trailerArrows 1.75 ton military trailer, excellent condition from

Price £250

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Military 24v battery chargerMilitary 24v battery charger fitted with 8hp Kohler engine, from

Price £110

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Long Arms and Carbines

ChassepotChassepot in good working condition - slight pitting to chamber complete with bayonet and scabbard

Price: £795

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Martini rifle in 577/45 by the Field Rifle CompanyMartini rifle in 577/45 by the Field Rifle Company, high quality of manufacture with most of the original finish remaining. Complete with a sword bayonet from the single year of Wilkinson production.

Price: £995

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11mm. Mauser11mm. Mauser, bruised but very original stock, reasonable bore, complete with a new unused stock and brass hilted bayonet with brass mounted scabbard

Price: £550

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Two band 'NavyTwo band 'Navy' - from a country house sale nearly sixty years ago - not the best or the worst but now hard to come by. Having probably returned from Nigeria, it is travelling with a pitted but probably original issue bayonet

Price: £650

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Vetterli, a very good example of the 'System Vetterli', the first issued bolt action rifle. Slight pitting to butt plate and no cleaning rod

Price: £525

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Two band 'Volunteer' by Dean & Son - exceptionally well made

Price: £950

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Martini in 577/45, said to be returned in the past from South Africa, no bayonet lug and length between carbine and rifle - target style front wood

Price: £500

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Cannon igniterCannon igniter, breech loading, multi stages in brass each stamped - based on a percussion 'bootleg' under-hammer design, the only one we have seen but very official

Price: £2500

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French DragoonDisplay Pistols

Antique, non firing long arms, from £150.00 available for display purposes,
please contact us for availability.  

French Dragoon

Price: £250 Sold

Munitions - All Certified Explosives Free

3''20cwtshot3" of 20cwt solid shot
anti-tank or anti-submarine

Price: £40

Delivery: £25.00

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Fully restored single barrel Borors 40mm AA gunFully restored single barrel Borors 40mm AA gun on static cone mount, complete with winding
handles, seats and sight bar, traverse and elevation in full working condition

Price £4300.00

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Victorian marked Metford bayonetVictorian marked Metford bayonet in excellent condition with scabbard

Price: £200

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